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Martin Wyrwich (Gründer und Entwickler)

Martin Wyrwich (Founder and Developer

My interests include the study of philosophy. It helps me to develop a search strategy when I can’t find a good answer. I worked for more than 10 years in management consulting as a project designer in the fields of education and advanced technology. The topic “Development & Change” has been the focus of my work since 2010:

  • “Innovation-Coaching” (Organizational development through awareness development)
  • „Theory U: Leading from the future”
  • „Design Thinking“
  • In the course of my Montessori diploma course I was allowed to learn from a person who in my opinion was the most gifted pedagogue of all times. Everything she was able to “find out” she had gleaned from the children themselves. The course was two things at once: affirmation and inspiration.
  • I have been serving as a member of the Berlin/Brandenburg Montessori Regional Association advisory council since June (WHAT YEAR???)

Since 2013, I have been working on the development of a pedagogy for mathematics that focuses on the development of the child’s personality. Two brands have been created in line with the two target groups:

  • Zaubermathe is aimed at parents and children. Healing and personal development are the primary emphasis.,
  • Fraktal Learning addresses the topics of school and politics.

Guido Landreh, Schulleiter AD ( Strategie)

My goal has always been to adapt the school to the needs of those it is intended to serve as a place of learning. Each student should be cared for and encouraged to the maximum. This point of view has inspired me to launch a whole series of projects over the years (e.g. City as School, Plan B …). I served as the Principal at an Integrated Secondary School in Berlin-Pankow until 2021. I am extremely pleased that Fractal Learning has been able to establish itself at that school because this teaching method is highly innovative, sensible and has achieved great results.

 Jamila Tressel (Co-Creation)

I am Jamila Tressel, am 22 years old and have been active in education transformation for 10 years. When I was 14, I wrote my first book, “Wie wir Schule machen – lernen wie es uns gefällt” (“How we would do school – learning in ways we like”), with which we schoolgirls publicly intervened in the education debate. Since then, I have been on the road as a trained coach, speaker and trainer at numerous conferences and congresses. My main emphases were the topics of education and personal development and I sought to demonstrate with suggestions, options and lived examples how school and learning can be approached completely differently and even be really fun.


In recent years, Fractal Learning has proven that it works. Literally everyone who has engaged in this type of learning in private lessons – from 2nd grade to 13th grade advanced classes – has become an enthusiastic learner. In a classroom environment, 95% of the students were equally enthused.

The phrase “proof-of-concept” stands behind us, endorses us, and the time has now come to take Fractal Learning out into the world. Steve Jobs once said:  “Only those crazy enough to believe they can change the world will do so. Are you crazy enough? Help is wanted across the board:

  • Management
  • Product design
  • Marketing und PR
  • Teachers
  • Development Support

Don´t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll see if there is a good fit.