Learning Resources

A large amount of learning resources have been developed over the last 3 years. For views, dimensions, prices etc. follow the links.


Posters are the starting point for a new topic and the summary as well. All information concerning this topic can be found here.


  • Solving Problems and Equations
  • Calculating with Fractions
  • Terms
  • All about Binomials
  • All about Exponents


  • Areas and Spaces grow
  • Angle Theorems
  • About Isosceles Triangles
  • Trigonometry


  • How Erathostenes calculated the size of the earth
  • Pascal’s Triangle has many secrets

Functions and Analysis

  • Analysis
  • Growth (linear vs exponential)
  • The Parabola
  • Derivaties
  • Integration


  • Matrix of Possibilities
  • Trees of Probabilities
  • Bernoulli and Co.
  • Conditional Probability

Analytical Geometry

  • Calculation Rules
  • From vector representation to coordinate form



  • Areas and Spaces grow
  • All about Triangles and Circles
  • Rule of three and its offspring
  • Characters –not numbers– are the language of Maths

  • Introduction to calculus
  • Introduction to the three families of functions
  • Drawing Graphs without any calculation



The puzzles are the most beautiful products of all. They give students a sense of how mathematical equations are created and also take them through the whole process – from creation to the end result – in a hands-on, senses-oriented way. It becomes clear just what mathematics is, and what it means to put it to use. We will gladly demonstrate and explain it in person.

Before we publish and describe the puzzles here, we still have to clarify the rules of copyright protection.


The product groups are all interrelated. In the case of geometry, all three groups are linked.
In order to maximize the effectiveness of the material, we recommend a one-day training course:  600 €.